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Slipping Off The…

As he slowly disintegrates….

#stuffraresays (Poetic 6-11-16)

" In order to bring peace to your mind, you must first reach a healthy level of relaxation, focus, and clarity."  ©Rare-ity 6-11-16 ----------------------------------------------------- Still your mind. Take your time. Smell your coffee Simply breath Grab perspective Get reflective. Open perception Rally your incentive. Bring to life Your untimely seed Nourish that Your wholesome being … Continue reading #stuffraresays (Poetic 6-11-16)

Dwindlin’ (Poetry)

Hard hitting Pressing times A magic puff Protruding mines Loves dwindling Relationships hindering Disconnected Physicality kicked it Technology Untimely doom Killing friendships Me and you Shut it out Make it stop Enter the darkness Shine on your own Notice the small things Make them ring One day you'll be left Your tear stained sting. ©Rare-ity

Sleepy Land

Sleep? What is that? An unknown land of mystery unfolded each night as our eyelids drift closed. A dream world filled with puzzles, riddles and unknowns. Disturbed by children who do not sleep in, crucial moments you wish you could dream again. Rareity 12-28-15

Baby Blue (Poem)

Your glistening eyes They make me beam Piercing through  My every seam  Precious girl  Sapphire blue Can't  help but stare  Into your gaze A beautiful hymn Quite full of grace Can't help but feel  You are my happy place.  😍©Rareity 12-23-15

Silent Struggles (Poem) Raising Anxiety Awareness

You don't know what to do To escape the vast doom Heart racing Wrenching  Pounding Anxiety driven Air swallowing  Your losing grip About to slip This reality, your a about to flip Your ribs and chest can't quite resist The ferocious creature inside your breast Fading in and swaying out Your simply bleeding your emotions … Continue reading Silent Struggles (Poem) Raising Anxiety Awareness