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A Message Conveys

As it slowly sets in…..

A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicles (Breaking Point)

"Nothing is more painful then a moment of impact. Either you take hold of the reigns and ride it through, or you just let it knock you down. The turmoil is bold ." From his point of view.  Two of my children, sat at in the hospital chapel conversing. Looking down in defeat, they hashed … Continue reading A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicles (Breaking Point)

The Goal or the Ambition? Maybe…Both?

The moment you realize you DO deserve better is the moment you should hold onto, because once you feel that way, your feelings will never change. Instead, keep pushing forward and working towards achieving the goals you desire. Otherwise, you'll always stay just right where you’re at. As we travel through life, we tend to … Continue reading The Goal or the Ambition? Maybe…Both?

Success is not Measured…..

For any of my readers who haven't tuned into my twitter, your missing my frequent bits of wisdom I shed throughout the day. As I said this morning,  "Perseverance is a powerful entity. Embrace it." Click here to view: As I strolled through social media today, I stumbled across this meme, and felt it … Continue reading Success is not Measured…..