The Countdown Begins? ;)

A Special thanks goes out to you all!!! As this year comes closer to its end, I'd like to say a few words to everyone. This year has been filled with lots of mysteries, and joyous moments, but what I truly want to highlight is how much I love being part of this community. I … Continue reading The Countdown Begins? 😉

“A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicles” (Chapter 8 Reflections)

All weekend Danielle had over-thought. She spent the entire time writing a letter for Brent, that she was highly unsure of whether to really give it to him or not. The decision took a lot of thought. It was nerve-wracking. Monday morning rolled around and she awoke to get ready. "This is stupid. I should … Continue reading “A Journey Endured: The Danielle Chronicles” (Chapter 8 Reflections)

A World of Change

"It’s not about the outcome, it’s about enjoying the journey along the way" It’s never really about what you’re doing or choosing to do in life that makes the difference, it’s whether you’re happy along the way while you’re doing it. Dreams, passions, goals, and ambitions are the uttermost important thing to follow. Your heart … Continue reading A World of Change