Before I knew it, he was putting me against….

The Road Driven

One that seems like family. Thank you readers for your dedication and support. Our humble abode has grown over the years. All while, I too have grown right before your eyes. With the truest intent and most genuine of love. I am grateful for your presence and look forward to the new chapters to come.

Crystal’s Tale (Sandy And Her Teenage Shenanigans)

"If you can't figure out where the root is, you wont be able to pull the weeds." ©Rare-ity 5-5-16 #stuffraresays  Jane sat at the dinner table with Sandy. Sandy had been struggling with some issues recently, but didn't understand why or know what her problem was. Teenagers these days. Sandy had gotten into trouble recently … Continue reading Crystal’s Tale (Sandy And Her Teenage Shenanigans)


Always try to understand your reasons for doing things. That'll make your reflection process smoother.  When we do things without knowing the repercussions , or understanding why those repercussions occured, we then never learn to grow. ©Rareity 4-30-16

Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end ;)

Storms..... what a concept. I spent the last few days watching it snow crazily, as if we were still dead in the middle of winter. However, not the kind of storm i'm talking about. Now think? Today, what is your storm? Struggling with substance abuse? Getting a divorce? Custody battles? Grief and loss? Civil cases? … Continue reading Into the Storm (Inspirational Tuesday 4-19-16)~Surprise Poem at the end 😉

Judge….Mental with three ice cubes please.

Good morning glorious readers. I have officially figured out why I've struggled to post my memes and gif's in the recent times. For months now, I've been struggling with the WiFi connection on my work computer. Seems the WiFi doesn't truly reach that far. (Rolling eyes) so for five months I have been forced to … Continue reading Judge….Mental with three ice cubes please.

Night Time Sky (Poem)

Some days I stare off into the sky. Stars shine bright catching my eyes Constellations "predict" our lives Insightful spirits shed our ties. In the realm of night time haze. The silent hymn of a world dazed. Mindful thoughts we gain in faith The morning comes freshly in place. ©Rareity 4-7-16


When another treats you lowly it is a reflection of themselves, not of you. Oftentimes, those who treat you as incompetent are ignorant. Intelligence comes from knowledge. Wisdom is led by experience. Knowing when to utilize either is key. We are all of equal weight and uniqueness. #stuffraresays


Be careful how you treat others. You may think you know more, and you may think your higher. The key: it is in that thinking that you know better, that says you dont. True maturity stems from understanding we don't know everything. ©Rareity #stuffraresays

Toxic Anything Does More Harm Than Good

Don't let others bring you down. Your self worth is far more valuable then you know. If others around you choose to offend, hurt, demean, or degrade you, deep down they are your enemy. Toxic people have a way of making others around them feel less than. In fact, somehow it's always the target that … Continue reading Toxic Anything Does More Harm Than Good

"Face head on, the challenge you most fear." #stuffraresays Nothing is more fulfilling than facing your fears. If it doesn't scare you, it might not really be worth doing in the first place. I've said in the past, that great things come from stepping outside your comfort zone. They do. The bottom line will be: … Continue reading

The Goal or the Ambition? Maybe…Both?

The moment you realize you DO deserve better is the moment you should hold onto, because once you feel that way, your feelings will never change. Instead, keep pushing forward and working towards achieving the goals you desire. Otherwise, you'll always stay just right where you’re at. As we travel through life, we tend to … Continue reading The Goal or the Ambition? Maybe…Both?

Extra Step to Taking Care of Yourself (S.O.W)

Sometimes, just a simple time away for yourself brings a world of difference within your soul. How often do you stop, and breath? Most importantly ponder and think. No, we don't always have to be contemplating the "Meaning of Life" but our lives, our world, and everything around us impacts how we feel, and how … Continue reading Extra Step to Taking Care of Yourself (S.O.W)

Success is not Measured…..

For any of my readers who haven't tuned into my twitter, your missing my frequent bits of wisdom I shed throughout the day. As I said this morning,  "Perseverance is a powerful entity. Embrace it." Click here to view: As I strolled through social media today, I stumbled across this meme, and felt it … Continue reading Success is not Measured…..

Keeping your Head up When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart.

There will always be those moments where you feel like giving up. There will always be those feelings when you wonder where your self-worth is. Are you fulfilling your purpose in life? Do you feel like your still struggling to find who you are? Do you ever feel like you put so much time, effort, … Continue reading Keeping your Head up When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart.

Surrounded (SOW and Poem)

Have you ever wondered about your life, relationships, you, friends, work, etc.? It's inevitable. Anxiety is a growing issue with people nowadays. It doesn't matter what gives you anxiety whether it be OCD, social situations, family difficulties, work stress, etc. Sometimes these things can range from mild to extreme, we cannot choose the impact of … Continue reading Surrounded (SOW and Poem)

Parenting, and what it means to you.

Alright readers the book is coming. I know you’ve enjoyed my poetry, and probably miss it. However, I’ve been working diligently on a poetry book, with some of my poems from here but completely edited. However, there will be lots of new stuff too. I’m in the process of getting the book approved, and working … Continue reading Parenting, and what it means to you.

An Extension of Crystals Tale and SOW (Sprouts of Wisdom)

Sandy sat in her room moping all day because she’d felt slighted by the world. Her mother tore at her about how terrible her art was, and her lack of talent. While in school, her friends did the same thing. She’d felt as though nothing could go right in her life, and why should she … Continue reading An Extension of Crystals Tale and SOW (Sprouts of Wisdom)

A Forgotten Generation (SoW)

SoW= Sprouts of Wisdom I was strolling through my feed this evening and saw a quote around the lines of “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.” Quoted by Dalai Lama The sad part is, more people thrive on drama, strife, … Continue reading A Forgotten Generation (SoW)

Poem Prompt (Using: pen, snow, moon, depends, absurd, classic, burn, blow)

I lift my pen to write this prompt. I bask in the glow of beautiful snow. It surrounds me with a glorious chill. Soon it'll be dark and silent too. The moonlit  evening will highlight it's beauty. I sit and ponder, If I shall go way yonder. I suppose it depends on the type of … Continue reading Poem Prompt (Using: pen, snow, moon, depends, absurd, classic, burn, blow)

If I were to go anywhere in the world…

If  I could go anywhere in the world right now, I would go to Germany for another taste of my favorite Kinder-eggs (delicious hollowed chocolate with an authentic toy inside) and to visit Fantasia Land, maybe. It is something special I did as a kid with my family. Ireland: I'd love to know more about … Continue reading If I were to go anywhere in the world…

“A Slow Transition of October”

October is a majestic time of  year. Great inner beauty lays within. Beginning it's slow transition. A month long journey. The veil between the two worlds summer and winter Passing the torch. Through fall we hang gently Slipping Summer hasn't quite ended. Winter is only soon to begin. The lively simmers down, Upon the listless … Continue reading “A Slow Transition of October”